Overseas Shipping

Shipping costs

If your delivery address is outside of the UK please select the International shipping option at checkout.

The cost of shipping is based on both the size and the weight of the package, and therefore must be manually calculated by us. Hence we cannot include it within the automatic checkout process as it can only be done once we have packed the items, which we do so in as small a size parcel as we can. 

This means you must pay for the goods before you know how much the shipping charge will be. Once we have calculated it we will then make a separate charge against the card you used to pay for the goods. Please note that by selecting the international shipping option during checkout you are consenting for us to make this second charge without us needing further authorisation from you. Therefore, you will not know how much the shipping cost will be until it appears on your card.

If you want to know in advance how much the shipping will cost, please do not complete the shop checkout process. Instead, you must send an email to spares@101club.org listing the items you wish to order and asking us for a quote for the shipping costs. We will then reply via e mail and, if you are happy with the shipping costs, you then order through the shop in the normal way and we will charge your card for that shipping cost after you have paid for the goods.  Clearly this means it will be slower to order that way.

VAT and duty/import charges

The Club is not VAT registered, the list price shown is the total price you will pay. Therefore, if you live in a Non EC country and can buy items "tax free", such option is not available to you for purchases from the Club as there is no tax included in the first place. 
The shipping 
documentation from the Club will show the total ("gross") value of the package using our list price. Any import duty you may have to pay should therefore be based on that total value in accordance with your own country's policy and rates.  

When you receive your order you are responsible for paying any import duty or other charges imposed by your own country.